About Us

Greater Cornubia is a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION that seeks to uplift people with specified services and seeks solutions on community challenges where necessary together with other stakeholders. It is also not political orientated, it is free to everyone regardless of their political and religious affiliation. Its members are dedicated volunteers, who are prepared to work hard for the community without any benefit. We acquire resources and funds through donations, contributions and campaigns.


Education/Skills Development Socio-economic development Social cohesion Youth Development in Sport, Arts and Culture Environmental Engagements (Beautification and Preservation) Technical and Media Unit (News and Social media).


There are so many young people in Cornubia. This shows that there is a great need for youth development facilities that will include sports academy, skills development centre, business unit and recreation facilities.


Unemployment is one thing that frustrates people the most, it is one of the reasons people are always easily misled by opportunists that use hungry and angry people to achieve their agendas and that results in riots.


One has observed Cornubia community and the findings are not good at all when it comes to level of education. Most people did not complete matric and some did not even get to high school This makes it even more difficult for them to find sustainable jobs because they can only be absorbed by construction sector of which it is normally for a short period of time.

Greater Cornubia