Privacy Policy

Mobile Media Point LTD offer software products to new and existing clients. The products and services of the company as well as procedure and software are to be kept confidential, Information is not to be transmitted or distributed without permission from the company in writing supporting the supply and usage of such information.

  • Information sent to us for design purposes is kept confidential and shared only with members.
  • Your full name, username, and email address and other contact details is kept confidential.
  • The images the company produce for design is only used for that purpose.
  • We cannot use information from the internet, social media or other sources without permission.
  • We need support with all the content for the guaranteed success of the project in time.
  • The information we share with our clients is to be kept confidential including images,contacts, contracts, quotations and other.

Terms And Conditions

All rights are reserved. No part of any publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or any storage and retrieval system used to any company publication without prior permission in editing from the company.

Customer Service

We offer publishing services to existing and new clients based on market linkage and effective product delivery. Our approach is consulting and support. Customer satisfaction is our only secrete though many methods are being to ensure growth in the market.


The pricing is market related yet competitive to favor the client and we invest on quantity market sales. Data Management provides us accurate discount percentages against service quantity. We keep clients updated with pricing and discounts, we don’t change in a circle to maintain a good discount relationship. Client service is our key factor not the price.

Opportunities and Development

Every staff member is trained fully and the training programs are related to company goals and objectives. And the recognition and rewarding of new skills have an impact in the workplace. The training and skills development programs have made a huge impact on young entrepreneurs. Training budgets have been expanded every year since the company started.